The 10 Day Easy Diet

Easy diet to follow that offers visible results in just 10 days

If you are in search of an easy diet to follow, that is going to give you visible results in just 10 days, dieters might want to look in to the Shred Diet, by Dr. Ian Smith for your guidance and inspiration.

The book claims to be the ultimate solution to every dieter's hardest situation in dieting. From getting rid of the last 10 pounds, breaking past a plateau, or simply keeping it off after being a yo-yo dieter for so long, the book is your guide and ultimate solution.

The Plan

The Shred plan uses a low GI diet, the use of proper meal spacing (timing), and using meal replacements, to create an easy diet to follow, and to guarantee the results that you want to see when dieting. On Shred you will:

  • Eat every 3.5 hours, so you are constantly eating during the day.
  • Learn to eat 4 "large" meals (or replacements including soups or a shake), along with 3 snacks daily.
  • Dieters are going to follow this plan for a period of 6 weeks, in order to maximize results, maximize fat loss, and to see the best weight loss results.


Diet Confusion

The book is going to talk about the concept that Dr. Smith calls "diet confusion." It is similar to the concept of muscle confusion and changing up your workouts at the gym; by changing up your diet, and "confusing" the body, you are going to see better results, faster. By switching up all foods you consume, you are going to increase the rate at which your metabolism is working, in turn, you are going to make your body a fat burning furnace. You are going to notice that you are going to burn more calories a day, even at rest.

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Revolutionary Plan - 6 weeks 4inches 2 sizes

The main reason that it is so popular, is because it is such an easy diet to follow, you see results, and you are getting answers from a doctor. There are no tricks, you simply learn how to change up the foods, and how to keep eating healthy food options during the course of the day, to give your body more fuel, so it can burn more. You are going to continually change your caloric intake, so it is not a "low calorie diet" that you are on during the six week journey.


Not only is it an easy diet to follow, the promise of 4 inches and 2 dress sizes makes it a popular choice for men and women. There are no secret tricks, no magic pills, or secret to the plan. You are simply using the concept of eating more often, and smaller meals (which has been proven to help with weight loss), and you are using the the confusion technique, to trick the body with the foods you are eating. It is simple, basic, uses scientific research, and is exceptionally easy to follow, making it a great diet plan for anyone, regardless of current weight, or desired goals. And, if you still need to lose more at the end, you can recycle the 6 weeks, until you achieve your desired results..


Dr. Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith, is the # 1 best-selling author of The Fat Smash Diet, The 4 Day Diet, Extreme Fat Smash Diet and Eat . He is a member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition , a medical contributor on “The Rachael Ray Show,” host of his own radio show “Health Watch” on American Urban Radio Networks and served as the medical/diet expert for “Celebrity Fit Club”. Dr. Ian, graduated from Harvard College with a BA, and the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.

"You can eat a lot on the "SHRED" diet and still lose weight"

Dr. Ian Smith

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